Shire of Mynydd Seren - Armourer's Shop

Meeting Place and Time

A new meeting time will be chosen when the semester begins next week.

The shop is located at Mike Squires' house; call 333-6564 for directions. There is a small fee for materials and tool replacement.  Seven anvils, no waiting.  The shop is equipped with anvils ranging from a 330 lb Peter Wright to a 25 lb farmer's anvil for field repairs, and a collection of various sized bickirons.  There is also a Beverley B-2 shear, an oxy-acetylene torch, four large vises including a 110 lb machinist's vise and a post vise, a large collection of stakes, and a large collection of hammers.  Many of the tools are owned by Master Guichart and are from the Lynch tool sale.

Description of the Picture

The tools in the picture  include raising, planishing, hinging, and other hammers (the two on the bench are an autobody hammer used for planishing and a raising hammer from the Lynch sale); hoof nippers for cutting rivets; and the small 25 lb anvil (made in one piece from tool steel).

The burgonet on the right was made by Messire Robert de Milano and is part of a black-and-white three-quarter harness. The armet on the left is an early work of Count Valerius Pencalvus, OL, KSCA. The leg harness (left center) and barbute (center) are works in progress by Master Guicart, OL. The leg harness to the right of the anvil is the work of one of Guichart's students.

The picture symbolizes four generations of armorers in the SCA - the grandmaster, Roberto de Milano; two masters, Valerius and Guichart; and the work of Guichart's students.