Old Mynydd Seren (and other places long ago)

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Duke Master Moonwulf jumps in to support the Horde, ca 1981

Mynydd Seren fighters at Oliver Winery, ca 1980; Malkin on left, Alan on right; Tabitha and Anastasia on extreme right. The armor is the dread "Albanian shepherd's guild" outfit and and somewhere nearby is a freon can helm.

Mynydd Seren ladies at Oliver Winery, ca 1980;Gytha, Frida, Tabitha, and Vashti

Melee at the Old LIbrary Demo in Mynydd Seren. Master Corwyn is on his knees in front of Duke Master Moonwulf

Melee at the Old Library Demo in Mynydd Seren. Caveron is under the gun (with a helmet made by Duke Sir Andrew of Seldom Rest); Malkin is in the background on the right (wearing a Polidor barrel helm made by Brudhach Hountmaster of Flaming Gryphon), and Decrease Mather on the left