Bloomington Monthly Meeting - Shelterwood Documents

BFM Combined proposal to 8.26.2018 called mfb.pdf

Combined Committees Proposal To the Called Meeting for Business, 8th Month 26th day

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Summary of Available Funds for Building Renovation_2018.06.30.pdf

Summary of Funds Currently Available for Building Renovation

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2016-2018 Capital Campaign Summary

Bloomington Friends Meeting Capital Campaign Summary, January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2018

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This document shows Building fund income for the primary fund and separately for pledges.

The total currently available for construction is about $224,000.

56 foot x 39 foot Floor Plan with Office

56' x 39' Floor Plan with Office

This shows in detail the floor plan of the building that Shelterwood is contracting to build. It includes the proposed layout of the kitchen.

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Added_Guidance of August 18

Added Guidance

This document shows added guidance for the contractor for the demolition of the old building and the construction of the new building.

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Construction Specifications for Bloomington Friends Meeting, August 18, 2018

Construction Specification

This document contains the construction specifications for the contract.

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Specificatons and Guidance, August 18

Builder Specifications and Guidance

Additional specifications and guidance agreed upon between Shelterwood and the Meeting.

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Renovation Allowances Final Version

Renovation Allowances

This contains the amount allocated under the bid for each of the various tasks to be completed either by Shelterwood or the subcontractors.

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Permit Set for Friends Meetinghouse

Meetinghouse Permit Set

The plans prepared by the architect that would be submitted to the Building Department for consideration and approval of a building permit.

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Thermal Insulation Quote

Thermal Pro Insulation bid

The bid by Thermal Pro Insulation, a subcontractor for insulation installation.

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Truesdel HVAC Bid of August 12

Truesdal HVAC Bid

The subcontractor Truesdel HVAC bid for the HVAC system

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Tempstar TCH6 Specifications

Tempstar TCH6 Specifications

Specifications for the Tempstar TCH6 Heat Pump, one of the units that might be considered for installation. This is a unit with a two-stage heat pump which would help in controlling humidity.

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The following documents are all bids from the subcontractor Tommy D's.

Exterior Doors

Subcontractor Tommy D's bid for Exterior Doors

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Interior Doors

Subcontractor Tommy D's bid for Interior Doors

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Subcontractor Tommy D's bid for Skylights

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Subcontractor Tommy D's bid for Windows

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