In Memory of Karl Corts

I have a archive of Karl's performances for almost a decade totaling at least 60 sessions. These include more than 60 performances at the old Max's on 7th St., Bear's Place, and Player's Pub. They were all recorded on a Zoom H2 using 32 bit WAV format and total close to a terabyte in size.

I'm going to put some of my favorites here as I go through the archive. The first is one by the Hucklebucks of Bloomington in 2010 at the old Max's Place. It is one of my favorite pieces of recorded music.

Video of stills with soundtrack by Karl Corts with the Hucklebucks of Bloomington at the 40th anniversary part for Mike and Peggy Squires - Karl Corts, guitar and vocals; Phil Hipskind, guitar and vocals; Joe Donnelly, tenor; Scott Kellogg, bass and vocals; Jay Olson, drums (subbing for Dan Deckard)

Joe Donnelly and I were the sound engineers.

Little Red Rooster - originally by Howlin' Wolf