Fisher/Clack Family Art

Details of Chinese paintings

The "flower" painting was given to Professor Clack some time before he and his family left Beijing in 1923. The painting is from the Imperial collection and bears the Dowager Empress' personal and the Imperial seals. Professor Clack was the head of the YMCA in Beijing for many years.

The second painting is of unknown origin.

Details of sculpture of Kwan-Yin

The statue called the "White Lady" by the Fisher family was given to F.M. Fisher on his departure from Beijing in 1938 by his friends in the anti-Japanese movement as a token of their appreciation of his assistance in obtaining arms through the sale of Chinese antiques in Shanghai. "Mac" Fisher graduated in 1931 from Yen Ching University and became a reporter for UP; in 1941 he became head of the US Office of War Information in Chunking.